Ghost Gang

Ghost Gang

The Ghost Gang are a group of four ghosts who are based on the original four ghosts from the arcade game. Though they live in the Netherworld and are ruled by Lord Betrayus, they pretend to be dumb and useless to Betrayus as they are actually good-natured spirits and secretly help Pac-Man in hopes that they can be redeemed enough to live again.

After being released from the Netherworld for the first time, the Ghost Gang set their sights on Pac-Man as he ran away from them, intending to attack him. However as they chased him into a well-lit janitor’s closet, they discovered that he is a “Yellow One” and can thus eat them. They were eaten by Pac-Man who later spat out their eyes, which was something that greatly disturbed them.

After returning to the Netherworld to utilize its regeneration chamber, the Ghost Gang protested returning to Pac-World because of the existence of Pac-Man and his ability to eat ghosts. When Betrayus claimed that it could not be true, citing that he had killed all of the “Yellow Ones” long ago, Blinky and a few others argued that he was wrong. Pinky passionately argued that he was wrong and asked him if he had ever experienced being eaten and having his eyeballs spat out.

After returning to Pac-World, the Ghost Gang ran into Pac-Man as they were attacking the Tree of Life and the President. Upon seeing him, they instantly tried to hide under the President’s desk. Pac-Man, having recognized them from earlier, confronted them. They begged Pac-Man not to eat them, explaining that they taste awful (which was something that Pac-Man agreed with them on) and decided to make a deal with him to help him defeat Betrayus, so long as Pac-Man help them in return.

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